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Top 10 Best Video Interview Software 2020

Given the panic COVID19 has brought to the world, interview software are the answers to social distancing protocols. Companies and their recruiting teams are on the lookout for the best video interview software to continue with their hiring process despite working from home. COVID19 has drastically changed how an organization is operating. It is a challenge for recruitment teams all over the world on how to actively recruit and hire in today’s trying times.

Fortunately, technology is available for contactless recruitment process to keep hiring the best talents and fill the staffing needs.

Virtual interviews are an essential step to keep employees and job seekers healthy and safe. And with the trend of work from home set up, companies and their Human Resources teams have to come up with virtual recruitment to decrease the need of face to face interviews.

Doing so eliminates the risk of virus exposure while continuing to produce quality hires.

We have come up with the list of the best video interview software that you or your team can use to conduct interviews anywhere and anytime.

With the majority of job seekers worldwide are online most of the time; the hiring process can be doubled compared to face-to-face interviews. Digital and online interviews allow HR teams to screen as many candidates as they can in lesser time.

And to continue its commitment to keep the business moving, hiring and recruitment teams can use any of this best video interview software. These digital interview platforms are not only easy to use but ensure the safety of the employees and the candidates.

1.Spark Hire

Video Interview software sparkhire

Spark Hire was launched in 2012 and since then grew with more than 6,000 customers conducting digital interviews in over 100 countries.

Currently, it offers 3 different plans all with unlimited video interviews that can be shared with other hiring managers for feedback.  The lowest plan starts $119/month with no contracts and no start-up fees. Spark users rate this software 9.3 for ease of use; 9.7 for quality of support; 9.2 for ease of set up. Spark Hire is one of the best video interview software available in the market.


Video Interview software outmatch

OutMatch is one of the most preferred partners of world-class recruitment teams of big organizations. The company has over 200, 000 clients worldwide.

The platform also supports German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish languages.  Based in Dallas, Texas, Outmatch offers 60 days trial period.


Video Interview software-eSkill

eSkill products and services include pre-employment assessments, skills testing, voice & video interviewing, video response, behavioural assessment, and employee development.

Their pre-employment assessment test covers different areas such as Healthcare, Engineering, Information Technology, Hospitality, Retail, Call Center, Sales and so much more. eSkill also has a test library where you can access 800 standard tests that help out in selecting only the top candidates.

eSkill is one of the best video interview software in the market with 24/7 customer support so you are assured of getting help anytime for that positive testing experience.


Video Interview software interviewstream

interviewstream is one of the leading interview software companies and has been in operation for 17 years. It has over 900 clients including F500 companies, colleges, and universities.

Customers have completed over 2.8 million interviews through interview stream. This best video interview software is available in 9 languages and 24/7 support available for all users of the platform.

Interviewstream solutions include interview builder, interview on demand, interview scheduler, interview connect, and interview prep.

The interview scheduler eliminates the manual task of communicating with candidates. It automates the scheduling process and can be sync to your calendar.

The interview builder feature allows your team to create structured interview questions to make your hiring process easy and quick.


Video Interview software skeeled

skeeled offers a modern and innovative solution to centralize recruitment for a faster and better hiring process.

The interview software features ATS or Applicant Tracking System which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to thoroughly profile and screen candidates. The candidates are shortlisted and ranked by order of relevance to focus on top talents and match profiles that fit your requirements.

Using skeeled best video interview software allows your hiring team to customize workflow, keep track of every recruitment activity, and automate communication.

skeeled price plans start at €299/month with Applicant Tracking System (APS) only and €449/month for the silver subscription which includes APS, personality assessments, pre-recorded video interviews, phone support, and some add-ons.

All plans are billed annually. Lastly, skeeled supports German, English, French, Dutch, and Spanish languages.


Video Interview tool VidCruiter

VidCruiter is one of the most advanced video recruiting platforms and best video interview software available today.

VidCruiter offers pre-recorded video interviews, live video interviews, structured digital interviews, interview scheduling, automated referencing, audio interviewing, and skills testing to help your team reduce the time spent on hiring and hire only the top candidates.

Price quote is available based on industry and number of employees which can be obtained by filling in the online form. VidCruiter supports English, French, Spanish, and German languages.

7.Clear Company

Clear Company is a recruitment platform with 15 years of experience. The software incorporates workforce planning, recruiting, onboarding, and performance management which works both for private and public industries.

Clear Company has helped over 2,000 clients achieve their talent acquisition goals with their Applicant Tracking System. Find, schedule, and track the top candidates through Clear Company’s recruitment solutions for a budget friendly price.

Get your free quote by filling in the quote form on their business website. They also provide dedicated support to each of their clients for unlimited consulting and support.

8. The Applicant Manager

The Applicant Manager software

The Applicant Manager helps human resources streamline the recruitment process by providing toolsets to review, select, and share candidate information to the rest of the teams.

The company started back in 2006 as a Human Resources consulting firm.

The Applicant Manager was created in 2011 to mainly help clients in their recruitment and hiring process. TAM is a cloud-based applicant tracking solution that provides a branded careers page for you at no extra charge; allows posting on free and paid job boards; create custom pre-screening questions; find applicants by keywords, skills, and ratings; create your email templates.

Using The Applicant Manager best video interview software allows recruiters to collect and store data like EEO, Disability, and ETS data to comply with OFCCP regulations.

Replace paper resumes and the manual task of updating application spreadsheets. Get your no-obligation price information on their website.


Hire Value recruitment tool

HireValue started in 2004 and is one of the pioneers in the industry. HireValue has hosted more than 10 million interviews and 1 million assessments.

It is available in more than 30 languages and with more than 700 customers worldwide including the biggest names like Vodafone, Unilever, JP Morgan Chase, Carnival Cruise Lines, Delta Air Lines, and more.
HireValue products include pre-hire assessments, video interviewing, coding assessments, and interview scheduling. HireValue incorporates AI, video, and game-based challenges to keep the applicant engage drawn throughout the application process.
Their video interviewing allows recruiters to connect to applicants’ real time. On the other hand, interview video on demand lets candidates’ record responses to job interviews, anytime without the recruitment officer’s presence. HireValue, the best video interview software provides 24/7 live support for candidates and Human Resources teams.

10.Applicant Shack

Applicant Shack recruitment tool

Applicant Shack was developed to address the challenges of recruitment. It does not only empower Human Resources specialists and hiring managers but the applicants as well.

The cloud-based applicant tracking software allows businesses to post automatically to integrated job boards like career jet, LinkedIn, career builder, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Applicant Shack does not require a credit card for your free trial.  No contract. No installation needed and special software requirements. The best video interview software is easy to use with excellent customer support and fast technical support.

For a start price recruit of $95 a month, your hiring team can create jobs online, recruit via social media, post to major job boards, create questionnaires, and score applicants. 

You also have the option to get the bundle for $135/month with all benefits of both systems, 1 admin and 5 users, complete new hire system, and custom options. In addition, you have the option to upgrade or downgrade anytime. You can try Applicant Stack for 15 days free of charge.

The best video interview software and platforms allow businesses, companies, and their recruitment teams to continue their hiring and recruitment processes in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic.

Recruitment teams and managers can quickly find the top candidates and fill essential job positions.  With less manual works, screening of applicants is done quickly and conveniently.

In addition to saving time and cost, best video interview software is far more effective than the old face-to-face recruitment style.

With video interview on demand, applicants can freely answer interview questions anytime, anywhere, or something that will sync to their schedule.

With the best video interview software readily available for companies and their recruitment teams, applicant screening and hiring is more efficient and convenient.

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